With the English Premier League in full swing, the craze for football remains to be as prominent as ever. Want to try out the moves you’ve seen your favourite footballers exhibit this season? You need the right boots for that!

Football Boots

Here are the dos and don’ts of buying football boots.

The DOs

1. Choosing the Right Boots for the Right Surface.
When picking out football boots, it’s important that you keep in mind the surface you’ll be playing on. Different types of boots are designed for different purposes, and the last thing you want to do is choose ones that aren’t suitable for the pitch you’ll be playing on. Doing so can affect your performance and result in you being unable to adhere to the game style.
2. Picking Shoes That Match Your Feet Shape
You can’t toss around the ball effortlessly if the shoes you’re wearing don’t complement your feet shape! Do get that perfect fit, make sure the boots you pick out properly suit the shape of your feet. Sometimes the right football boot is different from the shoe size we usually wear because of the way it’s designed. Make sure that the ones you get perfectly align with both your feet, even if it means getting a size you haven’t previously bought.
3. Picking Comfort Over Style
No matter what type of shoes you’re getting, comfort is a must and that holds for football boots as well. After all, how will you be able to play the game if you’re not comfortable? When it comes to selecting footwear, comfort always trumps style!


1. Gambling on the Size
Don’t make the mistake of buying a pair that’s just a little too big for you in the hopes that you’ll grow into it. Likewise, don’t buy a pair that’s a little too tight either with the expectations of it loosening up after you’ve played a few games. The trick is to get a size that fits you perfectly from the get-go. Just like you need to pick a pair that matches your feet shape, you also need the right size to be able to kick and run with them on easily.

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2. Buying a Pair of Boots Because of Celebrity Status
Even if your favourite football player wears a certain brand of football boots or launched their own line of athletic footwear, don’t let that be the only reason you end up buying those shoes. It’s okay to want to imitate successful footballers, but that doesn’t mean you should buy a pair designed by Ronaldinho or recently worn by Messi despite them not being the right fit for you! Go for shoes you can actually comfortably wear and play in.
3. Being Afraid to Buy Online
Finally, don’t be afraid of buying football boots online! Not only is this more economical as you often get to avail special discounts and online deals, but it’s also more convenient. If you know your size for the particular type of boots you want, then simply order them online now, or visit your nearest sports store to try them out and then place your order online.
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